Saturday, December 25, 2004

Too many inaccuracies

I had planned on going the full 1209 problems distance with the CT-Art 3.0 program ala Michael de la Maza, posting my score as I went.
But after hitting yet another problem in the Level 60 exercises that just didn't hold up under cross examination. I'm going to truncate the score keeping with problem 1028 for this circle. This will tie in with 1,000 problem mark as recommended in the tome of tactical improvement de la Maza. I will work through the remaining problems but I'm just not going to worry about keeping score. I'm just going to try and absorb some of the combined strategies on the problems that have forced solutions.
I may do a score keeping series of mini-circles at a later date with the remaining 209 upper level problems. But right now I don't have the free time or the patience to work through the occasional abstract problems that are open to interpretation.
I'm beginning to think that pattern recognition plays a larger part in these exercises than I originally thought.

ELO 2360
Scoring Percentage
Level 10 - 99% (Completed)
Level 20 - 96% (Completed)
Level 30 - 85% (Completed)
Level 40 - 76% (Completed)
Level 50 - 69% (Completed)
Level 60 - 63% (So far)
1028 exercises completed 180 remaining in circle 2.
70 days down 39 to go.

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