Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tis the Season

Yes I admit I have fallen off the path the past couple of days.
It is not because I have wanted to shirk my training duties, but more because of all of the events taking place in my life at this particular moment. This has to be the most demanding time of the year as far as scheduling goes. Not just for myself, but the entire populace.
I'm trying to juggle family, work, and training. Sometimes they don't mix as well as one would hope.
Family will win every time, work is necessary because it provides resources for my family. At least until I invent a better mouse trap and become independently wealthy. So that leaves chess training as a distant third. I understand that anything worthwhile takes time. I do find playing chess to be a worthwhile endeavor. But it pales in comparison to time spent with my family, and friends. So do I feel the slightest bit of guilt for abstaining from the exercises?
Nope! Because I will complete the course of study, and will continue to try and improve as a chess player.
Taking the little break did help with the level 50 exercises, I started out on fire. But when I tried to press to make up for the missed days is when I started to give away points.

ELO 2277
Scoring Percentage
Level 10 - 99% (Completed)
Level 20 - 96% (Completed)
Level 30 - 85% (Completed)
Level 40 - 76% (Completed)
Level 50 - 73% (So far)
878 exercises completed 331 remaining in circle 2.
65 days down 44 to go.

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