Monday, August 22, 2005

Cool DVD

I recently picked up "Game Over:Kasparov and the Machine", way cool movie.
All I can say other than watch it, is that IBM and its team of experts (Joel Benjamin) included
are pretty much lying sacks of $#!% unless they can come up with the log files that prove that the move 26. f4 in Game Two was played by anyone other than a GM.
After watching the movie I no longer think Kasparov was just sour over his loss, as I kind of did before. If IBM didn't manipulate the move selection why hide the files? The match is long since over, and Deep Blue dismantled. Prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your machine alone bested Kasparov.
As a test I ran the position through every computer I could find old and new and not one of the following: Fritz 5.32, Fritz 6, Fritz 8, Junior 9, Crafty 18.07, Crafty 19.01, Chess Tiger 14.0, Gambit Tiger 2.0, Comet B27, and Comet B50 even glanced at the move.

Things that make you say hmmm.

If they ever release the log files I will then edit this post. :)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Cease Fire, Truce, Timeout...

I'm just kind of firing this off the top of my head, so if I step on any toes, or bruise any egos it is completely unintentional. Trust me, if I were speaking directly to anyone. The individual(s) would know it.

I generally like to observe the goings on and interaction between the Knights and our friends. This is my refuge and release, a place to relax and read about the trials, tribulations, and successes of other like minded souls. It has served on more than one occasion as a lift for the spirits of those weary travelers plodding Caissa’s path.
It has always been light hearted and positive in the past.

Recently things have slowly started to take a turn towards a direction that I personally don't like, nor care to see appear on our friendly pages. The writing is on the wall. I'm here to erase it.

I am tremendously proud of this group. Never before has a community of chess players existed where everyone was helpful to those around them. Regardless of skill, experience, age, nationality, race, religion, all are welcome. Our Grail so to speak? The quest for chess improvement. Those seeking such improvement are always welcome no matter what methods they employ.

We have never established any set standard of rules or any criteria for joining other than a friendly introduction. There was never any conscious or premeditated plan. What started as two has grown into the ever expanding family we have today. We exist simply because we have unknowingly held ourselves to the highest standard.


In doing this we have not only improved our skills as chess players, but even more importantly as people.

Let us all try to take a moment and remember what brought us here.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Not much going on, still logging moves into my opening database.
It is way too much fun... I'm kidding of course.