Friday, December 10, 2004

Mini-Vacation of sorts

I haven't missed a days training yet. But I will be forced to take the next two days off. Tonight's event other than this brief blurb consists of the final packing getting ready for tomorrow's move.
You can tell who your friends are by the ones that volunteer to help. Fortunately we have been blessed with a ton of people that are going to contribute to the cause. So hopefully we can knock this out in about 6 hours or less. Sunday I plan on kicking back and relaxing by unpacking the essentials and setting up the library. The circle exercises will resume Sunday evening. Who knows maybe this mini break will be a good thing, because I was definitely flat last night.

See you Sunday!

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Don Q. said...

We seem somehow psychically connected, Sancho. A bit disturbing how often we are thinking the same thing. I've been off since Trhurs (though I did a few last night). Gonna do some tonight.

Hope the move went well.