Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Slump, Slump, Cool!

These events of this post took place Wednesday, but was I called away before I could finish the tale.

Tonight (Wednesday) started out with the slump from yesterday still lingering like some sort of tactical hangover. I dropped all the way down to 82% at the end of Level 40 and the ELO rating dropped down to 2256. I wanted to call it a night but figured I would start the first few Level 50 problems and go to number 830 at least.
Well the first Level 50 problem didn't turn out so badly, which gave me enough courage to try the second...
Rinse, repeat...
Still going.
Next thing you know I'm on a roll, I see green on my ELO bar graph with a steady incline.
Got to number 835 and decided to quit while I was ahead.
You know the whole end on a high note kind of thing.
Figured it would be a nice confidence boost for the next event.

ELO 1550 (Start) -> 2292 Current
Scoring Percentage
Level 10 - 100% (Completed)
Level 20 - 97% (Completed)
Level 30 - 91% (Completed)
Level 40 - 82% (Completed)
Level 50 - 89% (So Far)
835 exercises completed 204 remaining in circle 3.
82 days down 20 to go.

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