Monday, January 10, 2005

Back in the swing

Had an off weekend, too many real life tasks managed to pile up at the same time.
Instead of stressing, I just said to heck with the chess exercises for the weekend.
I still dabbled, (few here, a few there) but I wasn't about to force myself to sit in front of the computer while I had so many other things that needed to be addressed.
Such is life, you can't go wide open all of the time.
Anyway back to the program.

I'd like to welcome J'adoube to the family. I have really enjoyed reading his post. His karate analogy was on the mark, seems like he will do really well with the exercises.

1550 (Start) -> 2301 Current
Scoring Percentage
Level 10 - 100% (Completed)
Level 20 - 97% (Completed)
Level 30 - 91% (Completed)
Level 40 - 88% (So Far)
750 exercises completed 289 remaining in circle 3.
80 days down 22 to go.

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Unknown said...

Got your comment on my blog. Thanks. I'm already feeling the drag of the day to day grind in these exercises. We'll have to use these blogs as a way to encourage each other. . .