Friday, May 13, 2005


During the weekend I may go ahead and squeeze in some more problems especially since these are just mates-in-one at the moment.
The main ingredient to the modified Circles Plan is scoring percentage coupled with volume and not just sheer repetition alone. I can't really see where doing more would hurt as long as I continue to maintain the required success rate. (Anything less than 90% equates to repeating that particular Cycles subject material.) If I start to falter, then of course I back off. As I move up to the harder problems I imagine I will just stick to what is required, no need to press. I'm in this for the long haul.
I am going to tweak the 2-2-2 plan even further by adding one more Cycle. But this additional Cycle will include a review of all 1,000 problems in one day. This will give me a good measuring stick to gauge my overall understanding and retention of the course material.
Also it will bring the number of problems completed to 7,000. This is my acknowledging nod/tribute towards what Michael de la Maza’s plan called for in its original inception.
Seems fitting, for without his initial inspiration there wouldn’t have been any Knights Errant. Plus what better way to end the exercises than by having a final exam?

Cycle 1
- 150 problems completed. Points Reached 459/463=99%
150 down 450 to go in Cycle 1

150 down-6,850 remaining
6 Days down 135 to go

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Unknown said...

Read your comment on my blog. I agree - if you can whiz through all the problems and not get any wrong, then I don't see really how it hurs to change the program.

Right now, on Level 30, I take around 8 seconds per problem, which is Circle 7 speeds. At that rate, what does it matter if you do the Circles 5 times or 7?