Monday, May 09, 2005

Oh the Humanity

I missed a mate-in-one??
Serves me right for impulse answering.
I did get it right on the second attempt, lol.
49 out of 50 is 98%, but the database has its own scoring system.
So currently I'm running 152/156 for 97%
Time to take it slow, the word for each day should be accuracy.

Speaking of which "Cycle" should have read "Mini-cycle" yesterday.
There are 200 problems (100 Exercises X 2 Passes) in each "Mini-cycle".

Cycle 1- 50 problems completed. Points Reached 152/156=97%
50 down 550 to go in Cycle 1

50 down-5,950 remaining
2 Days down 138 to go

1 comment:

Blue Devil Knight said...

I am still pretty bad at mate-in-one problems, probably getting 10% wrong. :O Worse, in my actual games at ICC I get lazy and make a move without knowing if it is mate or not, just deciding to let the program let me know if I've mated. Bad habit if I ever want to play OTB again!