Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cycle 2 Complete

I figured I might as well smoke these problems too.
Officially out of the flatlands and starting the ascent.
Maybe a good rule of thumb for assigning a level of difficulty for Mate-in-X problems would be to count each move in the solution as a level.
For example a 1 move problem= Level 10, 2 moves=Level 20, etc.
Because the level 10 and 20 exercises from CT-Art were equally easy on the whole, but I will say that there are some of the CT-Art problems that are seriously mislabeled, even in the first two levels.
The only sad part to doing this means the material I'm using doesn't break Level 30.
On the other hand I plan on raising the difficulty for the next 1,000 problems. I may continue the three levels at a time approach. I just didn't want to try and skip over something that may appear easy or assume that I couldn't learn anything from the lower level mates. In fact it has been a really good exercise in seeing the pieces in action. What’s turning out to be a quick refresher course of sorts, but still educational. Well I say refresher but I haven’t hit the Mates-in-3, which is sure to be lots of fun for opening up new areas of thinking. All of the mates on the CD are from actual games Master strength and above. I'm sure the majority were resigned long before the final moves were played out, but none the less if GM's are walking into these kinds of patterns what harm can it do for players of lower levels to use them as study guides?

Anyway Cycle 3 starts tomorrow.

Cycle 3- 0 Down 600 to go.

Cycle 1
-Completed. Points Reached 1838/1842=99.78%
Cycle 2-Completed. Points reached 2052/2052=100%
1,200 down-5,800 remaining
28 Days down 113 to go

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