Friday, July 01, 2005

Cycle 8 Complete

Running a little bit behind on this cycle, probably would have finished sooner if it hadn't been for Mousetrapper's latest find.

  • The Chess Tactics Server
  • Which is the equivalent of electronic crack. So be warned all who dare enter.

    Hopefully I will get a good jump on this next set of problems over this long holiday weekend.
    I want to get started on my next project which is entering moves into the Chess Position Trainer. That is going to take a serious amount of effort, but it will be well worth it.

    Welcome our new group of Knights. Zeon, Silver Dragon, Dread Pirate Josh, and Ed G.

    Cycle 9- 0 Down 600 to go.

    Cycle 1
    -Completed. Points Reached 1838/1842=99.78%
    Cycle 2-Completed. Points reached 2052/2052=100%
    Cycle 3-Completed. Points Reached 3624/3648=99.34%
    Cycle 4-Completed. Points Reached 3640/3660=99.45%
    Cycle 5-Completed. Points Reached 3582/3600=99.50%
    Cycle 6-Completed. Points Reached 3582/3600=99.50%
    Cycle 7-Completed. Points Reached 4404/4428=99.46%
    Cycle 8-Completed. Points Reached 5355/5400=99.17%
    4,800 down-2,200 remaining
    112 Days down 29 to go

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