Sunday, April 03, 2005

Time Off

Been away from the exercises the past week and a half.
Had to take a break, too much stuff going on to even try and explain.
Anyway, it is now time to get refocused and resume the exercises.


Margriet said...

We all must take a break sometimes,Sancho. Good luck with your fresh start!

Don Q. said...

Hey Sancho,

Looks like your break continues.
Should I put on sabatical for bit? Takes the pressure off until you feel like doing it again.

Sancho Pawnza said...

Lol, nah I'm still around.
Just not much time to post at the moment.
Hopefully I will get a free moment to do an update this weekend.
How's the opening study going?
Glad to see that you guys agree that studying openings is like having a map
through a mind field. Saves a lot of clock time, knowing when and where to start spending energy looking for tactical shots. The easiest explanation/suggestion my expert friend gave me on utilizing opening study was "Learn the lines and if your opponent deviates early start looking at the move hard because it is probably a mistake.

Nezha said...


when are you going to get back? its been a while..