Friday, February 11, 2005

Pick a link, any link

It just about takes me longer to read the through daily updates of all of the links than it does to do the exercises.
Anyway I have added Fussy Lizard, Yet Another Patzer, King of the Spill, and finally remembered to add Logis to the list. BTW Logis congrats on your new OTB rating! Good job, and don't worry you will get out of the slump.
Still haven't finalized my new study plan, but starting tomorrow I plan on working with the first group of 100 problems from the Chessbase CD that I mentioned "1000 X Checkmate" by Lubomir Ftacnik. Looking forward to using a 3-D board it will be so nice, and hopefully beneficial to my OTB play.


Temposchlucker said...

I did 1000x chechmate too.
Good CD. I noticed one peculiar fact: You train all the mates from the winning side. But what happened to me that I oversee the mate when I'm on the loosing side.
A guy exchanged his rook for my pawn. That is a moment to start to think, hey, why does he do that? But I didn't see the Anastasias mate he was about to deliver. In spite of delivering such mate myself dozens of time. Weird.


fussylizard said...

I was wondering how that CD was. I have "Mating Attacks Against 0-0" which seems pretty good but I've not done enough of it to really give a solid review.


Temposchlucker said...

The CD's I can really advise to you are all the ones of George Renko:
Intensive Course Tactics 1 & 2
Killer Moves
Deadly Threads

These are very, very good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding a link to my blog. Also thanks for your support to get out my slump. I hope i will get out of it very soon because i hate losing. :)

Pale Morning Dun - Errant Knight de la Maza said...

Dearest Sancho,
I'm a little confused. Are you throwing in the towel on MDLM's plan right now and going with a new tactics CD, or are you supplementing the circle excercises, or did you already finish the circles? Excuse the questions, with so many blogs to read, it gets hard to keep up. Please keep us posted on how this new checkmate CD works for you.