Sunday, November 07, 2004

More Football and a laptop.

Watching football and working the exercises.
This seems like a really good way to kill two birds with one stone.
Completed the level 40 exercises.

I read Don's view on building "Calculation Muscle". I understand and respect his approach, but I'm still holding to my plan of attack. It just makes more sense for me to gain exposure to the various tactics at my disposal before trying to waste over 100 hours (5 mins per exercise approach) on stuff I obviously didn't grasp before hand. I still spend about 5 mins total on each problem, it's just that I make a move at the 1 minute mark regardless. Then if my guess is correct I proceed with the next move. If it's incorrect I spend another minute before I take my next attempt/potshot. Once I have reached the correct solution I replay the exercise from the beginning to drill it once more into my memory.
On the second circle my idea is to be able to see the entire sequence from beginning to end before making any moves, this will work the "calculation muscle" but at least with that pass I will have a better understanding of where I should begin my search.
I also plan on posting my ELO dynamics and scoring percentage total.
822 exercises completed 387 remaining in circle 1.
30 days down 125 to go.

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