Sunday, October 24, 2004

Around the board in 80 ways...

The Knight Sight Concentric Squares exercise is interesting to say the least.
One just needs to explore the relationship between the two squares (home and target). There is no difference in the pattern going from d5 to d2 than there is from d5 to g5. D5 to a5, or d5 to d8 are truncated versions of the patterns created from d5 to d2.
Like Don said once you get the gist of the movements involved you can simply repeat the pattern in an overlay like fashion.
If I were really a masochist I'd try and calculate patterns of various lengths. I guess at least this would be useful in possibly creating opportunities to gain opposition or create some sort of zugzwang.
But I think the experience gained by moving around my Knight will have to do for now.

15 down 140 to go.

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